The Hearing Ear Prov. 20:12

The Hearing Ear Prov. 20:12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Lord made the hearing ear; the purpose for it, therefore, is to hear.  But he didn’t put a gate on it, so you must guard what goes in it and what stays out.  He intended it so that we could hear – for instruction, for spiritual, mental and emotional appreciation, for the words of God, for protection [oncoming threat, alarm].  He didn’t intend it for influences that would drive us away from him or that would eventually harm us.

Notice these different kinds of ears in the Bible:

Hearing Ear – Prov 20:12; Matt 11:15 let him hear – children’s ears are tuned to God [faith as a little child] – revealed them unto babes – Oh be careful little ears what you hear, Oh be careful little ears what you hear, for our Father’s up above, and he’s looking down in love, so be careful little ears what you hear.  Whatever goes in the ear lodges in the mind and heart.

Uncircumcised Ear – Jer 6:10 – an ear tuned to things other than the words of the Lord – filled with worldly music, enticements of sinners, Hollywood entertainment, lies of education, folly – this is why cell phones, computers, iPads and so forth for children are so dangerous – this ear begins to hear when it “cuts off” all outside influences from the words of God and listens to appropriate spiritual things [like preaching, teaching, spiritual and godly music, instruction, Bible] – when you get saved your ears should be circumcised to remove all worldly influences and opened to receive all proper spiritual influences.

Dull Ear – Matt 13:15 – an ear that is not deaf but that is “shut” – there are certainly deaf ears [Deaf Ear – Is 29:18 – an ear that cannot hear – he opened them in his earthly ministry and they will all be opened in the millennium] – these are ears that can hear but don’t because the people have shut them – at one time Adam could hear the voice of the Lord – the dull ear begins to hear when the heart changes and begins to desire and hunger for the words of God.

Rebellious Ear – Ezek 12:2 – an ear that hears yet turns away from the truth – like the ears of young people that hear the truth and then turn away from it to go contrary to the words of God – just like Eve rejected the clear command of the Lord to follow the devil – just like Israel rejected Jesus – this ear is the product of a rebellious will.

Itching Ear – 2 Tim 4:3 – an ear that rejects sound doctrine and seeks sensual stimulation – this ear is in church but is not interested in truth – it is like the ears of those who flock to the mega church or to offshoot doctrines and Charismatic teachings – it is attracted to something new – this ear begins to hear when it turns away from its “Christian” fables ministering to its lusts and develops an appetite for sound doctrine and truth.

Conclusion: – it is the gross heart, the rebellious will, worldly influence and Christian fables that shut the ears – and so the Lord has to open our ears – then you have the Open Ear – Job 36:10 – the Lord will take the uncircumcised, dull, rebellious, itching ears above and open them through discipline – and you need your ears opened.  And remember that anytime you need to talk with him, he is always ready to hear – He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? Ps 94:9.