Everyone That Doeth Evil Mal. 2:17

Everyone that Doeth Evil Mal. 2:17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This broadcast is about saying that everyone that doeth evil is good in the sight of the Lord.  You weary the Lord with your words.  You often say something that you don’t really mean.  You honor the Lord with your mouth but you do not love him with your heart [Is 29:13].  God will judge your words that weary him because of:

The hypocrisy of your words – Is 29:13

The content of your words – Matt 12:24-27 – you say that everyone that doeth evil is good – Is 5:20

Here are some evil words that are called good and some good words that are called evil today.

Teaching evolution is good and teaching creation is evil.

Teaching premarital sex [fornication] is good and teaching abstinence is evil.

Teaching same sex marriage is good and preaching against it is evil.

Teaching abortion is good and preaching against it is evil.

In public, praying in the name of Jesus Christ is evil and, in public, the Bible is evil.

Society and governments can attempt to silence the truth but it will never go away.  Then one day you will stand before God to be judged for your words spoken against his truth and you will regret that you ever called evolution, fornication, homosexuality, abortion and so forth good when God told you that all these were evil.  God will recompense every evil word against you.