Consider Your Ways Hag. 1:1-15

Consider Your Ways Hag. 1:1-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Cross references to this passage are in Ezra 4 and 5.

Trouble – adversaries had stopped them from building – so, they concentrated their efforts on rebuilding their own houses and God troubled them – He sent them Haggai to prophesy to them and then they started building the Temple again.

Several things we see historically here – God withheld his blessing from them until they started building again – God told them to Consider Your Ways – he sent them trouble to correct them and he sent preachers to get them to repent.

Spiritually – sometimes God allows trouble in our lives to get us to consider our ways – also we may hear preaching that addresses the situation that we are in – after consideration we should repent of those things that are contrary to God’s will and we should return to those things that are his will.