Peter’s Wife Matt. 8:14

Peter’s Wife Matt. 8:14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We often speak to men when preaching about the ministry.  But what about the women?  What makes a woman suitable for the ministry when she is married to a man in the ministry?  Willingness.  Peter’s wife was:

Willing to put her husband before her family – Matt 8:14-15 – they were at Peter’s house not at her mother’s – had they been at her mother’s house [gone home to Mama] her mother wouldn’t have been healed.

Willing to submit to God’s leadership in her husband’s life – Matt 5:18-19 – Peter changed occupations suddenly under a call from God – she supported him in the decision.

Willing to do without customary riches and possessions – Matt 19:27 – they left all to serve the Lord – this can be extremely hard on wives and yet she endured it.

Willing to follow her husband wherever God called him – 1 Cor 9:5 – like Priscilla and Aquila – Peter wrote his epistle from Babylon – so they definitely had to move.

Willing to be in subjection to her husband even when he was not in subjection to God – 1 Pet 3:1-5 – she was in subjection to her own husband, she was chaste, she had a meek and quiet spirit and, most importantly, she trusted in God.

Conclusion: They were heirs together of the grace of life [1 Pet 3:7] – so whatever he received as a reward she shared.