The Remnant of Israel Zeph 3:11-13

The Remnant of Israel Zeph. 3:11-13 CLICK  TITLE FOR AUDIO

Zeph 3:11-13 is about the Remnant of Israel.  Israel will be weeded out to a mere remnant of it’s size due to the fact that they are still proudly opposed to their Messiah and they continue to transgress the Lord by iniquity – so the Lord has to trim the ranks until the few that are left will turn from their wickedness – these few will be poor and afflicted BUT they will trust the name of the Lord, finally – and they will not do iniquity nor speak lies anymore – that’s because they will be under the new covenant

Here are the cross references

Zeph 3:11 there are those in Israel who are proudly opposed to God – Is 28:1-4; Jer 13:9-11 – you could see this pride in Israel when Jesus came – the Pharisees proudly opposed him and couldn’t hear the words of the Lord as a result.

Zeph 3:11 this group has to be removed from Israel because they won’t be corrected – Is 10:16-23.

Zeph 3:12 the remnant that remains shall be afflicted and poor – just like in the time of Nebuchadnezzar 2 Ki 25:12 – Jesus told them he would save this group Matt 5:3-12.

Zeph 3:11 but they won’t be ashamed of their doings – Is 54:4 – God will put it all behind him Is 38:17.

Zeph 3:11 and they won’t be haughty against him ever again – that’s because Jesus will be exalted among them and they will be humbled before him – Phil 2; Ps 2:6-7, 11-12; Joel 3:17, 20-21.

Zeph 3:13 this group will not do iniquity, lie, or speak with a deceitful tongue – that’s because they will be under the new covenant Jer 31:31-34.

Zeph 3:13 and they will be truly safe from their enemies in their own land Eze 28:24-26.