Grapes of Wrath Rev.14:14-20

14:14 – a White cloud – see Mark 13:26-27, 14:62 – there are two appearances of the Lord – one to gather the elect sometime during the tribulation and one to destroy the wicked at his 2nd coming – in this passage he is coming for his elect – Luke 21:27 he’s in one cloud which is white and that cloud is among other clouds

14:14 a Golden crown – so this is not the 2nd Advent yet because in Revelation 19:12 he has many crowns – in Hebrews 2:7-9, he’s crowned with glory now and at the 2nd Advent he’s crowned with the crowns of all the kingdoms over which he will rule

14:14 a Sickle – in Mark 4:26-29 there is a specific harvest time for the earth [just one v. 15] – see Joel 3:13 for the order of the harvest and the grape gathering – the harvest precedes the gathering of the grapes for destruction

14:15 another angel cried – the Time is come to reap because the Harvest is ripe

14:16 He on the cloud reaped the earth – this is the tribulation rapture – Revelation 7:9-14

14:17 another angel with a sharp sickle – 14:18 and another angel cried – he had power over fire – the grapes are fully ripe – these are the “grapes of wrath” – they are the vine of Sodom – they are of the fields of Gomorrah – their grapes are gall and their clusters are bitter – their wine is poison and venom, Deuteronomy 32:32-33 – contrast Jeremiah2:21 where Israel is the noble vine

14:19 Gathered the vine and threw it in the winepress of the wrath of God – it was trodden – Revelation 19:15; Isaiah 63:1-4 causing the death of 100’s of millions of people

14:20 Blood rose to the horse bridles for 200 miles – a furlong = 1/8 mile – this is Armageddon – the blood flows from Mt Carmel through the Dead Sea all the way to the Gulf of Aqaba – roughly the blood of 225,000,000 people would fill a 6 foot diameter pipeline 200 miles long – there will be more blood than that