The Second Advent Path Hab. 3:1-3

Path of the Second Advent Hab 3:1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Second Advent Path is clearly defined in scripture.  The second advent path is the path that Jesus will take from Mount Sinai to Jerusalem when he returns.  This passage is part of the path.

The Path of the Second Advent is as follows:

Sinai – Ps 68:7-8 Deut 33:2 Seir; Jud 5:4-5

Edom [Selah]

Teman – Paran Hab 3:3

Edom, Moab, Canaan – Ex 15:15; Is 63: 1-4; Num 20:17; Num 21:21, 22 [king’s highway]

Mount of Olives – Zech 14:3-4