1 Kings 20:10-11

Both kings in this passage are guilty of presumption. Benhadad believes due to his size and power that he will prevail. Ahab (one of the worst kings of Israel) believes that he will prevail. In this lesson we will look at what God thinks about presumption.

[Ps.19:13]            Presumptuous sins

[2 Pet.2:10] Due to your self will. You sin willfully. Without fear, [Ecc.8:11] be careful, [Heb.10:26-31], you reproach (blame, shame, charge with a fault) the lord, [Num.15:30]        Example:  When one person in a relationship obligates the other to something by presuming that they will be fine with it. Has this ever happened to you? How did you feel? God feels the same way when we presume things.  God doesn’t appreciate any presumption on our part.

[Deu.1:43-44]           Presumptuous Rescues

Presuming that God will always come to your rescue or that because you are a Christian everything in your life will be perfect. [Josh.7:2-12] There may be sin in the camp.

[Deu.17:8-13]    Presumptuous Wisdom

Presume to know better than the pastor. God has put that man in a position of authority in your life; you will do good to obey.

[Deu.18:15-22]  Presumptuous Knowledge

God has given you the knowledge you need in your Bible. Don’t go to the book store in search of some (prophets) man’s opinion.

[Prov.27:1] Presumption of Life

God is in control, not you. [James 4:13-17] your boastings are evil and are sin.