Shameful Spewing Hab. 2:15-17

Shameful Spewing Hab. 2:15-17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Doctrinally we are dealing with the national drunkenness and fornication which takes place among nations that are prostituted for gain and against a common enemy like the Jews.  See Rev 18:3, 22-24, 9; 17:2-4, 6, and 18.  The result is shameful spewing.

The nakedness results from drinking just like Rev 17:16.

This cup they drink is found in Jer 25:15-28 and is eventually connected with the 2nd coming Jer 25:30-33.

With the violence that comes from Lebanon, the apparent headquarters of the antichrist, comes also violence upon Lebanon destroying the spoil of beasts [Ezek 32:12-13], the city, the land, and inhabitants.

They get shame for glory – at first it looked like they were decked in glory like the woman of mystery Babylon, but in the end it is utter destruction and SHAME [Let thy foreskin be uncovered Hos 4:7; Phil 3:19].

Spiritually we are dealing with some very practical advice – stay away from alcohol.

Prov 20:1 Prov 23:29-35 – Neighbor drink – Look on their nakedness [the strange women of Prov 23 – like the pick ups in bars] – in the end violence and a total destruction of everything for which you worked.

Ex 32 shows drinking, playing, singing [like war] and nakedness followed by violent destruction of the offender – all of this around a graven image just like Hab 2:18.

Christians aren’t supposed to drink Eph 5:18; Rom 14:21 – AND 1 Cor 10:31 God doesn’t get glory out of drinking alcohol AND his own son didn’t drink it while he was here.