Write The Vision Hab. 2:1-4

Write the Vision Hab. 2:1-4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Write the vision.  Habakkuk writes a vision at the instruction of the Lord – it is true but it will only be fulfilled partially in their days – it will be fulfilled in the end – thus people will not believe it – those who do will live – those who don’t will perish – when we read things like this we are to take heed, fear the Lord and keep from living in a way that would incur his anger like the Pharisees did when they rejected his words.

Habakkuk writes the vision:

He can see it [Hab 2:1] – he is a watchman [like John in Revelation] Is 21:6; Eze 3:17.

Others can’t see it [Hab 2:1] – all they can see is what he writes – Jer 30:2; 36:2 – we are reading those words today – they are in the Bible.

Since they don’t see it they reprove him [Hab 2:1] – like Micaiah [the vision was against Ahab] Jer 26:8-11.

He answers them according to the vision [Hab 2:1] – like Jeremiah 26:12-15.

The vision and the words are plain [Hab 2:2] – no need for deep theological interpretations – all the words are plain – Prov 8:8-9.

Those who see it run because they are afraid of it [Hab 2:2] – Jer 42:19-22.

The vision is very exact:

  • For an appointed time [3] – like Rev9:15
  • At the end – like Matt 24 [understand it more as you see it unfold]
  • It will tarry – 2600 years
  • It will surely come to pass – like Rev 22:20

The souls of those lifted up will not heed [Hab 2:4] – they are not upright – the exalted shall be abased.

The souls of those who believe will live [Hab 2:4] – the just shall live by his faith – he has to believe what God wrote.