Ye Will Not Believe Hab. 1:5-11

Ye Will Not Believe Hab. 1:5-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Ye will not believe.  This is what the Lord said through Habakkuk to Judah.  In the days of the Jews before the Babylonian Captivity, Jeremiah was preaching that the Jews should cooperate with the Babylonians because any attempt to defend themselves would result in death, forced captivity and the destruction of their palaces and temple.  The Jews wouldn’t believe him.  Yet what he said happened just the way he said it would happen.  Habakkuk is right on the message here.

Jeremiah preached submission to the Chaldeans – Jer 27 – and the folks didn’t believe him – they wanted to kill him, instead.

The Eagle in verse 8 is Babylon – Ezek 17:3-12.

His god in verse 11 is the god from whom the king believes he derives his power to conquer – Dan 11:38; Rev 13:2; like 2 Ki 18:33-35; 2 Ki 19:36-37; Is 37:10-13.

Application from this passage can be made to us in this country.