Lot the Carnal Christian, Gen 13:10

Lot the Carnal Christian Gen. 13:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Lot the carnal Christian.  Lot is the perfect picture of a carnal Christian.  Like a carnal Christian, Lot:

Walked by sight.  Gen 13:10 he lifted up his eyes and chose the plain of Jordan.  2 Cor 5:7

Walked according to the course of this world.  Gen 13:11 he journeyed east.  Eph. 2:2  God’s direction follows the path of the sun, east to west. Abraham traveled east to west from Ur.  Paul was forbidden to go east into Asia so he went west to Macedonia.  The gospel has spread west throughout church history.  The Jews entered Canaan from east to west.  Christians walk in the Spirit not after the fashion of the world.

Made decisions because they were good for business not because they were good for his family.  Gen 13:10  The plain was well watered everywhere.  Bob Jones, Sr. said, “It was a good place to raise cattle but it was not a good place to raise a family.  There is a difference between well watered plains and well watered souls from the water of life.   A church deacon in a good church gave up double money to stay in his home church rather than move to a place that didn’t have as good a church.

Separated himself from a godly influence – Gen 13:11 – Abraham and Lot separated themselves – comp 2 Cor 6:14 and Heb 10:25.

Became a friend of the world – Gen 13:11-13 – he pitched his tent toward Sodom and eventually he wound up in the gate [Gen 19:1] calling the homosexuals of the town “brethren” [Gen 19:7, Abraham was his brother (Gen 14:14) not these guys].  The world will pull you toward itself and away from God.

Only received help from God because of others who loved him.  Gen 14:12-14; Gen 18-19.  Abraham’s prayers are the ones that saved him in Gen 19:29. Often only other saints pray for a character like Lot because they don’t pray for themselves, and God intervenes on their intercessions.   Lot missed all the fellowship he could have had with God.

Lost his testimony – Gen 19:14.  He came to witness to his family and they thought he was mocking them.

Blew his inheritance – Gen 19:24-25 all of his possessions, friends and some of his family were destroyed in this FIRE (pictures the Judgment Seat of Christ in 1 Cor 3:11-15).  He lost his inheritance [1 Cor 6:9-10; Gal 5:21]. YET he was saved 2 Pet 2:6-9.  He was a just and righteous man.   Notice what the world had done to him.  He was vexed.

Conclusion: Lot should convince you to shun the world and stay connected to godly Christians, to make decisions based on the will of God and to consider the eternal rather than the temporal when leading your family and business.