Isaiah 40:9-31 The Greatest of All

The Greatest of All Is. 40:9-31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Jn 1:1-4, John described what it was like to see Jesus.  The disciples were looking at eternal life manifested visibly and physically where they could handle it.  This he called the “word of life” and what he SAW he declared unto us in “writing” so that we could have fellowship with the Father and the Son.  John wrote and what he wrote manifests to us physically (where we can handle it) and visibly in words what God manifested to him in flesh.

Now in our study of Isaiah we are reading about the return of the Lord Jesus Christ physically and visibly.  Notice in Rev 19:13 that Jesus is “the Word of God.”  He is absolutely inseparable from his words.  And so what we study about him in this passage is not only true of him personally but is also true of this Bible.  Jesus Christ is the greatest of all.

Look what we SEE.  Jesus Christ is:

God – Is 40:9 – “Behold your God!”  See 1 Tim 3:16 and Zech 12:10.  Your only knowledge of God is through the revelation of this Book.  1 Jn 5:10-13, 20 is the written record and at the 2nd Advent, they are going to see visibly what has been revealed to us in writing.

The Unbeatable Governor – Is 40:10 – “shall rule” – he is going to rule with his strong hand, Ps 8:6-8.  His hands created the heavens and made us [Ps 102:25; 119:73].   He is going to rule with his arm [Is 52:10].  When the Lord does something with his hand, it is done, Jn 10:27-29.  Note that when he returns his reward is with him [Rev 22:12] and his work before him [the restoration of the earth].

The Chief Shepherd – Is 40:11 – “like a shepherd” [Jn 10:11] – right now he has pastors and teachers caring for his flock of sheep [1 Pet 5:1-4; Jn 21:15; Acts 20:28].  Our work can’t be done without Jesus [Jn 15:5] and it can’t be done without the Bible [Rom 10:17].

The Ultimate Scientist – Is 40:12 – notice that he has measured, meted, comprehended and weighed waters, heaven, the dust of the earth and the mountains and hills.  No scientist can do any of these things, but Jesus did.  When science contradicts the Bible avoid it, 1 Tim 6:20.  It is falsely so called.  What we know about true science is revealed to us from the Bible.  Jesus knows it all; he made it.  One day he’ll show you what he concealed, Prov 25:2.

The Perfect Counselor – Is 40:13-14 – “with whom took he counsel” – see Is 9:6.  Jesus manifests himself to you in his words, Jn 14:22-23.  So when you want perfect counsel you will find it in the Bible [Acts 20:27].

The Supreme Ruler – Is 40:15-17 – to the Lord, “the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance.”  The nations are less than nothing.  In all the United Nations recognizes 193 nations and when you put them all together they amount to nothing.  If all these nations were to line up against God and against his words, the nations would fail and God and his words will be for ever [Matt 24:35].

The Incomparable Image – Is 40:18-21 – “or what likeness will ye compare unto him?”  He has no likeness to anything in the earth.  Attempts by men to make an image to worship have never worked and never will.  Their images are lifeless [Ps 115:3-9], abominable [Ex 20:4-5], cursed [Deut 7:25-26] and breakable [Ex 23:24-25].  There is nothing to which man can compare him.

The Omnipresent God – Is 40:22 – “as a tent to dwell in” – the Lord is everywhere all the time [Ps 139].  He sits on the circle of the earth.  He said heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool [Is 66:1].  The heavens are like a tent to him.

The Omnipotent Creator – Is 40:23-26 – “hath created these things… he is strong in power” – he brings princes to nothing, he makes judges as vanity, he blows upon them and they wither and the whirlwind takes them away.  He has numbered and named every star in the universe [Ps 147:4].

The Omniscient Judge – Is 40:27-28 – “my judgment is passed over from my God”- there is not a thing that goes on in this universe that the Lord doesn’t know.  When he judges men he will make them give account of every idle word [Matt 12:36, Ps 139:4], every thought [Ps 139:2], every intention [Heb 4:12-13] and every motive [1 Cor 3:13], not to mention every work [Rev 20:12].

The Compassionate Supplier – Is 40:29-31 – “he giveth power to the faint” – every need his children could possibly have he meets with his limitless supply.  Nothing is impossible with God [Lk 1:37].  He meets our every need [Phil 4:19; Matt 6:32].

Conclusion: There is no other God in the universe like this.  There is no image that could possibly be made that could represent him.  His words are the only things that reveal him.  If you don’t believe these things are true, you will see for yourself when Jesus Christ returns.  He is God and what he has said about these matters is just as good as if they were already done.