Isaiah 40:6-8 Withered Grass and Eternal Word

Withered Grass & Eternal Word Is. 40: 6-8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage, withered grass and faded flowers are contrasted to the eternal word of God.  When the Spirit of God blows on grass and flowers, they wither and fade.  When he blows on the eternal word of God it abides forever.  Notice:

Grass withers – grass is likened to people – and as grass withers even so people die – there are thousands of species of grass as there are numerous varieties of men – as there are many different uses for grass [food, fodder, ornamental lawn, paper, etc.] so there are many different occupations for men – as grass can be very beneficial so man can be very beneficial – as grass can be very handsomely and beautifully manicured so men can be as well – nevertheless, we are here today and gone tomorrow.

Flowers fade – flowers are likened to people – and as flowers fade even so people die – as flowers have a beautiful outward appearance so men concern themselves more with the outward appearance – as flowers have a fragrant smell so men concern themselves with their grooming – as flowers are good for medicine, food and tea, so men provide many benefits – nevertheless, though we may have a desirable countenance for a while, we eventually fade and die.

The word of God stands forever – According to Ps 119:89 forever the word is settled in heaven and according to Ps 119:160 thy word is true from the beginning – so the word of God has always been here and it will always be here – according to Ps 12:6-7 the Lord promised to preserve his words and we have them today in writing in our King James Bible – the trouble is that men spend more time on their flesh [grass] and outward appearance [flowers] than they do on their spirits and souls in their Bibles.  Think about how much time you devoted to your fleshly hygiene and nourishment last week compared to the time that you spent in your Bible!!

  • In 1 Pet 1:23-25 don’t neglect your salvation by devoting all of your attention to your flesh and don’t neglect the salvation of others by only pursuing your fleshly ambitions.
  • In Jas 1:9-11 don’t neglect the eternal things of the word of God [1:18, 21-22] by consuming all of your time and energy on your financial pursuits.
  • In Matt 6:28-33 don’t neglect your singular pursuit of the kingdom of God and his righteousness by giving all of your attention to food and raiment.
  • In Mat 24:29-35 don’t neglect the comforting truth of the word of God by fearing all the bad “news” as things get worse in the world before the return of Jesus Christ.