The Fury of the Lord Nah. 1:1-10

The Fury of the Lord Nah. 1: 1-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Nah 1:1-10, you are reading a prophecy about the fury of the Lord against Nineveh right around the time of the Assyrian captivity of Israel.  What Nahum describes are things that concern the Second Coming of Jesus and thus the application of these verses doctrinally is to a time still in the future.  There is one positive verse in this passage that pertains to the protection the Lord gives his people during the tribulation.  That’s Nah 1:7.  The rest of the verses are negative and look nothing like the all-loving God that is being preached today.  He demonstrates in this passage his fury and utter destruction of everybody and everything that are contrary to his will.

The fury of the Lord is revealed in:

His vengeance – the fury of the Lord is based on jealousy.  It is accompanied by revenge.  It is demonstrated by fury.  It is accomplished by wrath.  It is delayed by his longsuffering.  Those against whom his vengeance comes are fooled because he is slow to anger.

His power – the fury of the Lord is manifested by a whirlwind, a storm, the dry sea, mountains quaking, hills melting, the earth burning and the world destroyed.  This is why the Second Coming is called “the end of the world”

His indignation – when the fury of the Lord is poured out, nobody can survive it except those in Nah 1:7 whom he knows trust in him.  These are the ones in the strong hold.  He gets the wicked with an overrunning flood and with darkness until there is an utter end.  They are devoured as stubble [2 Thes 1; Mal 4].