Destroying The Foundations, Ps.11:3

If the Foundations Be Destroyed Ps 11:3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The devil is not out to simply attack the foundations, he is out to destroy them.  If the foundation under your house is weak or cracked, it can be repaired and strengthened.  But if it is destroyed, you have no option but to tear the house down.  That’s why the devil is trying to destroy the foundations of God in this country; he wants to tear the country down.  David asks, If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

God’s foundations are:

The Word of God – Matt 24:35 – I believe with all my heart that the King James Bible is the word of God and that all the words in it are the words of God – when the devil attacked Eve in the garden of Eden, he caused her to doubt God’s words, first of all – in this country the words of God have been removed from the public schools and now you have two generations of children raised without the influence of those words and it is telling on the nation – pastors and scholars are changing the words of God and churches are voting on homosexual pastors and same sex marriage – the foundation of standing on the word of God is being destroyed in this country.

Jesus Christ – 1 Cor 3:11; Phil 2:9-11; Acts 4:12 – the name of Jesus is disdained among many federal and government officials – his name is out in the public schools – he is not to mentioned in prayer – and yet the very governments who restrict the mention of his name exist under his authority [Col 1:16-17] – Allah is not the name of God and is no substitute for the name Jesus in the foundation of this country – whoever is trying to insert that name is trying destroy this country.

The Church – Eph 2:20-22 – the church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone – the devil is trying to bring the whole temple down by destroying the church in America – churches are filled with unregenerate members – aerobics classes, sewing classes, fellowships, programs, concerts and dancing girls have replaced the pure preaching of the gospel and the bold proclamation of the words of God – the fabric of this country is crumbling as the devil attacks the pulpits.

The Family – Gen 2:24, 1 Cor 11:3, Eph 6:1-3 – the devil is working this one over fiercely with same sex marriages, divorce, adultery, rebellion, and homosexual couples being granted adoptive privileges over children – furthermore, sexual assaults in the military are revealing a startling statistic, over 8% of the assaults are men on men – as one friend has said many times before, “homosexuals don’t reproduce; they recruit” – in the days of the kings of Judah, when a king wanted to bring his country back into line with God, he took away the sodomites out of the land [1 Ki 14:24, 15:11-12] – God’s design for the family is a man and his wife and their children and the collapse of that structure will mean the collapse of this country.

The Fear of God – Prov 1:7; 9:10 – the very foundation of knowledge and wisdom is the fear of the Lord – professors and officials are trying their best to remove the fear of the Lord from our society – I started learning the fear of the Lord at home under the proper punishment from my father [Lev 19:3] – the DHS is against corporal punishment – you aren’t going to put the kids that are all jacked up on behavior medicine in a corner and expect them to learn how to behave in a time out – they need appropriate discipline and they need to learn the fear of the Lord [Ps 34:11] – if you remove the fear of the Lord then the foundation of all wisdom and knowledge will be destroyed, this country will be destroyed and they’ll turn to the devil.

Conclusion: This text asks “what can the righteous do?” If the foundations are only cracked and broken, we still have a chance to shore them up to help our country stand. But, if the foundations are already destroyed, there is nothing we can do to save the country.  We must stand on these foundations so that when it falls, we don’t fall with it.  We must help as many individuals as we can get established on these foundations and stand with them.  If you here today and you aren’t saved, then today would be a really good day for you to be saved and established for eternity on the foundation of Jesus Christ and on the foundation of this church.