True Friends Prov. 18:24

True Friends Prov. 18:24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This broadcast entitled True Friends was preached without notes.  So there is no outline for this sermon.  The subject concerns the need for good friends in your life because, even though Jesus Christ is the best friend you will ever have and your family may be very close to you [they say, “blood is thicker than water”], the Lord will use your true friends to help you through some of the roughest patches in your life.  Pastor Welder relates how some of his friends have helped him.  Your best friends are there for you even when everyone else has turned his back.

The way to make these kinds of friends is to BE a friend.  Prov 18:24 says, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.”  And don’t be a friend just for that which you can get out of the friendship.  Politicians and businessmen make those kinds of friendships routinely.  Be a friend by being a benefit to your friend.  And stick with him.  Don’t be a fair weather friend.  Jesus Christ had friends that stuck with him right up to the very end and some of them were women.  That’s not inappropriate when you are faithful.

We have been blessed by our friends.