Isaiah 32:9-20 The Women That Are At Ease

The Women That Are At Ease Is. 32:9-20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In summary, this prophecy is preached to the women that are at ease; to careless women.  These women are the ones accustomed to a life of “luxury” and ease.  They are spoiled by their bountiful harvests of grapes, wheat, barley, rye and corn.  In other words, they have all that money can buy.  They were comfortable in their city homes and palaces [Is 32:13-14].

However, at the same time, obviously, they forgot God and they were not living in accordance with the righteousness of the law [Deut 8:6-20].  And so the Lord prophesied to them of days and years of trouble until the spirit would be poured upon Israel from on high [Is 32:15].  After the spirit upon them, the land would be permanently fruitful and they would truly be at ease and without a care.

You see, they were trying to take it easy before God had established righteousness and peace in their land [Is 32:17].  That’s why he said in Is 32:20, “Blessed are ye that sow…”  These women hadn’t taken it easy.  They were like the virtuous woman of Prov 31.  They were diligently working and taking advantage of the waters which they could use for irrigation.

Having summarized the prophecy, we will proceed through each verse of the prophecy concerning the trouble.  Then we will see what happens when the spirit is poured out from on high.

Is 32:9 – rise up – they are reposed – they also need to rise out of respect.

Is 32:10 – many days and years troubled – the last of these troubled years will be the time of Jacob’s trouble in the tribulation [Jer 30:7].  The failed vintage concerns the grapes and wine.  The gathering refers to the crops.

Is 32:11 – bare… sackcloth – repentance as in Jonah 3:5-8.

Is 32:12 – they lament for the fields and vine because they are no more.  They lament for the teats [Ezek 23:3, 21] because there are few men left [Lev 26:26; Is 4:1].

Is 32:13-14 – thorns and briers overtake the land – wild and feral animals take over the houses, palaces, forts and towers.

Then the Spirit of God is poured upon them – see the four places where this event is prophesied in the Old Testament and notice in the context that every one of these passages is a reference to the Second Coming of Jesus [Joel 2:28; Is 44:3; Ezek 39:28-29; Zech 12:10].  In other words, this hasn’t happened yet [although it could have occurred after Acts 2 if the Jews had accepted Jesus as their Messiah].

Is 32:15 – the wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful field a forest – nature is abundantly restored [compare Rom 8:19-23].

Is 32:16 – judgment and righteousness – Rev 19:16 both the result of Jesus being here.

Is 32:17 – righteousness results in peace, quietness and assurance among men and the animals [Is 11:4-9; Is 2:3-4].

Is 32:18 – as a result they dwell in peaceable habitations, sure dwellings, and quiet resting places [their “rest” Heb 3-4].

Is 32:19 – when does this happen?  At the end of the tribulation when the Lord comes with hail [Ps 18:12-13] and when Jerusalem is low [they are nearly annihilated].