Isaiah 31:1-9 The Lord Defends Jerusalem

The Lord Defends Jerusalem Is. 31 1-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Isaiah 31 is a short chapter that explains what happens when the Lord defends Jerusalem.  It shows you why the Lord has to return and what he does when he gets here.  It will be easier for us to build a narrative of the events in chronological order rather than in verse order so that you can follow what happens in this chapter.

In order of their occurrence we find the following events:

Israel revolts from the Lord – Is 31:6 – see Is 1:1-4 – They rebelled from him and refused to submit to his authority which came with the promise of his blessing and provision.

They make gold and silver idols for providential help – Is 31:7 – see Is 2:7-9 – Isaiah prophesied during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah – the people worshipped in the high places during their reigns; only Hezekiah removed the high places, broke the images, cut down the groves and destroyed Nehushtan [2 Ki 18:4] – nevertheless, his son Manasseh took Judah right back into idolatry that was even worse than what Ahaz did when he walked in the ways of Israel, made his sons to pass through the fire, sent to Assyria for help and built a replica of the altar at Damascus.

They turn to Egypt for military protection – Is 31:1 – see Is 30:2; Ps 20:7 – Egypt had many chariots, horses and horsemen and so Israel trusted that Egypt could help them in a war – however, in doing this they did not seek the Lord, who is obviously superior to men and their armies.

The Lord sends evil against them – Is 31:2 – the Lord rises against them and when he says he will fight them, he doesn’t take back his words [Num 23:19] – he repented of saying that he would kill Israel in the wilderness after the golden calf [Ex 32:9-10, 14] but he won’t repent this time.

Consequently, Israel and Egypt fail – Is 31:3 – they are no match for the Lord – they are “gods” but they die like men [Ps 82:6-7] – their horses are flesh and the Lord’s are spirit [horses and chariots of fire, 2 Ki 6:17] – they fail against the Lord together.

Jerusalem is attacked by the Assyrian – Is 31:8 – see Mic 5:5-6 and notice the Second Advent context, as well – the Assyrian comes into Israel’s land to fight.

Then the Lord returns to defend Jerusalem – Is 31:4-5 – see Zech 12:8-9 – the Lord defends Jerusalem – The Lorthe Lord waits till the Assyrian arrives to make his move against him – as we have seen before, Israel is reduced to a remnant before the Lord saves them.

He comes like a lion – Is 31:4 – see Is 42:13-14; Rev 5:5 and notice that the remnant fights like a lion, also.

He comes like birds – Is 31:5 – see Rev 19:11-6 – that is he comes flying down upon them from heaven – in Ex 19:4 the Lord told Israel that he bore them on eagles’ wings.

Every man casts away his idols – Is 31:7 – see Is 2:19-21 – by this time they realize that their idols are worthless.

The Lord establishes a wall of fire around Jerusalem – Is 31:9 – see Zech 12:6; 2:4-5 – the Lord delivers them by fire and protects them by fire.

The Assyrian flees from the Lord’s sword to his stronghold – Is 31:9 – the Assyrian has a stronghold just like Hitler’s Berchtesgaden [Eagle’s Nest].

The Assyrian’s soldiers are discomfited – Is 31:8 – that is they are defeated and overthrown.

Then the Assyrian falls with the sword – Is 31:8 – see Rev 19:15; Is 14:24-26 – the rod of the Assyrian [Is 10:5] is no match for the sword of the Lord.