Four Things Too Wonderful For Me Prov. 30: 18-20

Four Things To Wonderful For Me Prov. 30: 18-20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Prov 30:18-20 Solomon describes four things too wonderful for me.  They are an eagle, a ship, a serpent and a man with a maid.  We will discuss the wonder of these four things and then examine their significance in prophecy.

Eagle – he doesn’t flap and yet he soars and travels effortlessly – how does he stay up there?

Ship – it weighs tons and yet floats and propels – the wind draws a sailboat with the venturi effect, drawing it forward instead of driving it backward – how does it sail and float without sinking?

Serpent – it has no legs and yet stays on the rock – by writhing and slithering it actually moves along – why doesn’t he just wiggle in one place?

Man – he is drawn effortlessly to a maid, leaving all sensibility – he will do anything, say anything, and give anything to have her.

In addition to these four wonders, Solomon describes the attitude of an adulterous woman – he marvels that she can do what everybody in the world knows is wrong and think nothing of it – she says of her actions, “I have done no wickedness.”

These are very prophetic references – they show you that:

Swift Nations will be gathered against the Jews in the Tribulation – they’ll come in so quickly Israel will wonder how they even got there – see Ezek 17:3, 7; Hos 8:1 these are the eagle nations that gather against Israel – see also Deut 28:49-51; Lam 4:19 – an eagle is said to carry Jews out into the wilderness for protection – Rev 12:14.

The devil will be actively and personally involved in trying to destroy Israel – it will be a surprise how he got there so fast and subtly – notice that serpents will be sent to punish – Deut 32:24, Rev 6:8 – as they have been sent to punish before – Num 21:6; 1 Cor 10:9 – notice that the devil is that old serpent Rev 12:9, 14.

Navies will be gathered against Israel in great numbers – Ships will be involved in the war Dan 11:40 – they will carry merchandise Rev 18:17-19 and logistics – many will be destroyed in the Tribulation – Rev 8:9 – in Is 60:9 ships will be used to bring the Jews back to Israel after the 2nd Advent.

The Antichrist and Mystery Babylon will be against Israel and it will be interesting how they get together – they come together in a fatal attraction – as a man with a maid – the man is the man of sin [2 Thes 2] and he gets with the maid, mystery Babylon Rev 17 – notice that she’s an adulterous woman and she eats saints Rev 17:6; 16:6 – and she justifies her sin – Jn 16:2 – she says, “I have done no wickedness.”