Don’t Mess With The Bible Prov. 30: 6

Don’t Mess With The Bible Prov. 30: 6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are people who think nothing of altering or “correcting” the Bible.  We have a basic word of exhortation for them, Don’t mess with the Bible.  Notice the prohibitions against adding anything to or taking anything away from the Bible in Deut 4:2 and Rev 22:18-19.  We see in Gen 3:1-6 what the devil did to deceive Eve – he used doubt, addition, subtraction, change and lying to corrupt the words of God – so correcting the Bible is the work of the devil.

Look at these removed verses and phrases in the Bible – Matt 18:11, Mk 9:44, 46; Lk 2:33; Lk 4:4 – I can think of the one person who would influence men to alter or remove these verses in or from the Bible – that would be the devil – and any man or woman deceived into believing that he or she is doing God a favor by changing his words is working for the devil, not the Lord!!