Three Reasons to Read The Bible Prov. 30: 5

Three Good Reasons to Read The Bible Prov. 30:5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Right here in this verse we can find three reasons to read the Bible.  Reading the Bible gives you:

Purity – Eph 5:26 – unto the pure all things are pure Tit 1:15 – Phil 4:8 – Jas 3:17

The book will clean you up – how many great soul winners we know today who came to Christ in a mess – the Bible cleaned them up.

Protection – shield Eph 6:16 – Jesus in Matt 4 was shielded in temptation with scripture.

The world, the flesh and the devil are no match for the words of God – the words will out last them all.

Trust – faith Rom 10:17 – Prov 3:5-6 – the promises of God are in the Bible.  You must have something sure upon which to rely – when you rely on God, you rely upon what he said – a missionary told a little girl when his wife got sick in the States, “I’ll be back” and she told all the doubters “He said, ‘I’ll be back’” – we trust him because he said that he would:

  • Never leave us
  • Supply all our needs
  • Answer our prayers
  • Prepare a place for us
  • Come back for us
  • And save you when you call upon him