Isaiah 28:9-13 Childlike Faith

Child Like Faith Is. 28: 9-13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Religions are complicated and confusing by design so there will always be a place for the authority of the leaders.  This is typical of the Pharisees, Priests, and Elders.  It is clergy over laity.

True Christianity is simple.  The most profound truths are the simplest.  For example, 1 Jn 5:12 contains only one syllable words.  It only takes childlike faith to believe the truths of the scriptures.  Therefore, preaching and teaching should be:

Simple – Is 28:9 – knowledge is taught and doctrine is understood by babes.  Study these verses: Mk 10:13-15; 2 Tim 3:15; Lk 10:21; 1 Pet 2:2.

Repetitious – Is 28:10 – like children learning their A, B, C’s and their 1, 2, 3’s in elementary school.  Notice the repetition on the doctrine of hell in Mk 9:42-48.  Notice how Paul repeatedly teaches that salvation is not by works: Rom 4:5; Eph 2:8-9; Rom 11:6; Gal 2:16; Titus 3:5.

Understood – Is 28:11 – the other tongue in this verse is a tongue more easily understood.  In Acts 2:4-11, the Jews heard the gospel in at least 16 different languages so that “every man heard them speak in his own language.”  With stammering lips is how a foreigner would speak your language if he didn’t understand it very well.  It’s like 1 Cor 14:21 where the fellow has to pray that he can interpret what he is saying that it may be clearly understood.  Thank God that we have our Bible in English and not in Greek and Hebrew!

Heard – Is 28:12 – the “rest” in this verse is the millennial rest in Israel in Heb 4 and the “refreshing” is the second advent as in Acts 3:19-21.  But they would not hear [Mk 4:23-25; Matt 13:14-16].  God wants you to hear, Rom 10:14, Eph 1:13.

Believed – Is 28:13 – the word works effectually in those who believe, 1 Thes 2:13.  But when they refuse to believe it, they “fall backward” [Gal 5:4], are “broken” [Matt 21:44], and are “snared and taken” [2 Tim 2:25-26].