Idolatry Exodus 32:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Don’t think that idolatry ended in Exodus 32 with this golden calf.  These Israelites had just heard God speak the Ten Commandments in Ex 20 and already they were violating the first two.  Those commands are still in effect today and yet men continue to violate them.  Today they worship:

Money – Ex 32:2 – the golden calf was made out of golden earrings – today the world would rather have gold and money than they would wisdom [Prov 3] and God.

Religion – Ex 32:4-5 – Aaron was the high priest and he made an altar to this calf so that the people could worship it and sacrifice to it.

Belly – Ex 32:6 – the people sat down to eat and to drink [Rom 16:17-18] – God gave them manna, for which they complained; they lusted after the food in Egypt.

Recreation – Ex 32:6 – they rose up to play – the world is hooked on sports, entertainment and recreation, all of which steal their affections for God and the things of God.

Music – Ex 32:17-18 – they were singing and dancing – their music led them away from the Lord – instead of Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, the world wants rock and country – if you don’t think your kids have made a god out of their music, just try to take it away from them.

Sex – Ex 32:25 – they turned their worship into and orgy – certainly God intended for the marriage bed to be undefiled and yet the world’s influences have crept in and defiled the marriage bed and perverted something precious that God gave a man and a woman.

Notice in Ex 32:8 that they sacrificed to this golden calf and men sacrifice to their gods.  They sacrifice their health, their families, their marriages, their minds, their lives and their souls to obtain the pleasures they derive from these gods.

Conclusion: when Moses came down from the mount and saw this mess, he asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” [Ex 32:26].  And the same question needs to be asked today.  Are you on the side of the world’s gods or are you on the Lord’s side?