Hindrances to Prayer Prov. 28: 9

Hindrances to Prayer Prov. 28: 9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson is on the hindrances to prayer.  There are a number of things that will hinder your prayer life:

Not hearkening to the words of God – Prov 28:9

Not reading them – George Mueller prayed with an open Bible – he wanted to talk to God while God talked to him.

Not attending to them in study, preaching and teaching

Not doing what they say – disobeying them – Jeremiah dealt with the Jews about this before the Chaldeans attacked – God tells you what he wants you to do in his words and you won’t do it – so why should he do what you want him to do?

Iniquity in your heart – Ps 66:18 – regarding it – adultery in the heart [Matt 5:28] – murder in the heart because of hatred without a cause [Matt 5:22] – the sins of Mk 7:20-23 are all committed in the heart.

Not confessing sin – Is 59:2

An unforgiving spirit – Matt 6:14-15 – this passage doesn’t apply doctrinally to us today, but practically speaking this is the way that it is.

Bitterness – Heb 12:14-15; Eph 4:30-32 – you’ll get mad at God.

Not asking – Jas 4:2

Asking selfishly – Jas 4:3

Not honoring your wife – 1 Pet 3:7