The Transgression of a Land Prov. 28: 2

The Transgression of a Land Prov. 28: 2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged.  This verse has always intrigued me – it speaks volumes to our country today – basically it shows you how a country goes into complete apostasy and shows you the only way that the country can get out of it.

Reflect back on the history of this country – it was moral, it was capitalistic, it was religious – today it is immoral, it is communistic, it is anti-religious – how did we get here – by this verse – at a time when a man could have stood and stopped the downward spiral no man would stand – now we are so bureaucratic that one man probably can’t do it – he couldn’t get into a high enough office to make it happen.

Take abortion for instance – the legislators said no to abortion – so they went to court – the court said no to abortion – so they went to the supreme court and the supreme court said “yes” – and suddenly what was illegal is now legal (just like that – many princes – i.e., if you can’t get it done with one set of rulers you get it done with another) – by this means you get gambling, drinking, pornography, sodomy, dope and all other vices legalized.

The rulers in Jesus’ day wanted him killed – they couldn’t get it done without a public outcry – so they deferred to Pilate – he was not a man of knowledge and understanding – he asked Jesus, “What is truth” because he didn’t know – he said to Jesus, “I have power to crucify thee” – he didn’t understand – so the many princes found a way to kill him and keep from losing face in the public.

Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard – Jezebel (in the position of a prince) got the elders and nobles to set it up (more princes) and Naboth died.

Bad men will surround themselves with bad men to do bad things – whereas an honorable man will stand for the right whether anyone else stands with him and he will lead the country in the right way – there are good men with knowledge and understanding who did a lot of good on their own to prolong the days of their countries – Jehoshaphat (2 Ki 3:14) – Moses (Jer 15:1) who prayed alone to God and God spared Israel from destruction) – Samuel (Jer 15:1) who turned the terrible wickedness away from Israel that Eli and his boys had wrought – Hezekiah – Josiah – the king of Nineveh in Jonah.

There are men who didn’t turn their countries around but led them into further apostasy because they lacked knowledge and understanding – Ahab (Baal) – Manasseh (burned children in idolatry) – Pharaoh (the agnostic who said, “I know not the Lord”) – Zedekiah (who refused the direct prophecies of Jeremiah to spare the rest of the people by encouraging them to go to Babylon).

When a country like ours is going bad, the men who are leading it astray will hide behind the multitude of princes to get their wickedness done – Saul said to Samuel that he “feared the people” – therein lies the problem – so the media knows this propensity in rulers to gauge the multitude so they exercise their muscle in destroying this country through things like polls and the press (they influence the multitudes) – Pilate caved to the cries of the multitudes – the Jews in Paul’s day stirred up the multitude.

Think about it – today you have laws at the city, county, state and federal levels – you have police and sheriffs to back the laws locally, and the CIA, FBI, SWAT, Homeland security, and national guard to back the laws nationally, you have the councilmen, the commissioners, the state representatives, the state senators, the governor, the U.S. representatives, the U.S. senators, the president (executive), the courts, the appellate courts, the state supreme courts, the federal courts, and the supreme court, and every agency of the fed government that affects your life and has the power to enforce action against you – the IRS, EPA, OSHA, DHS, CPS, and you name it – many princes spells one thing – disaster (transgression).

God cannot be happy with this country killing its citizens by alcohol, drugs, tobacco, abortion, and ruining the minds of its citizens by evolution, suppressing Bible and prayer, encouraging sex (venereal disease must be phenomenal) and homosexuality, and punishing parents for trying to protect their kids from these awful sins – what one man could stand now and make the changes in this bureaucratic monstrosity?  There are no Thomas Jefferson’s, George Washington’s, John Adams’, Ben Franklin’s, Patrick Henry’s, that could be elected and if they were they could not unwind what this multitude of princes has done – the country is headed for real trouble.

As long as the country is mollified with pleasures and money the people don’t seem to care and when the consequences come then they are going to blame God.

You need to be the man on God’s side and you need to stay in the Book, on your knees and winning souls.