The Full Soul Prov. 27: 7

The Full Soul Prov. 27:7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Prov 27:7 we see that the full soul loatheth even the honeycomb – that’s like dessert after a meal – if you are too full to eat it then you just have to pass.

But the hungry soul would consider that even a bitter thing is sweet – because all he is looking for is something to nourish his body and satisfy his hunger (not just his appetite) – so whether it is bitter or not, it is good.

The picture here is simple yet profound – the honeycomb represents the spiritual things of God like the words of God – in 1 Sam 14:27 Jonathan’s eyes were enlightened when he ate the honey – and our eyes and understanding are enlightened by the words of God which are like honey [Eph 1:18]; Ps 19:10; Prov 24:13-14.

The full soul is someone who is filled up on the things of the world – so he is not hungry for spiritual things.  The hungry soul is the man that hungers and thirsts for righteousness [Matt 5:6] and who takes the words of God over anything else even though they would make his belly BITTER [Ezek 31-3, 14; Rev 10:10].

So, as a child ruins his appetite for supper by filling up on cotton candy, popcorn, sodas and candy bars, so a Christian ruins his appetite for spiritual things by filling up on the world.

What kills a Christian’s appetite for the spiritually nourishing things of God?  Lives filled with:

  • Television, Movies, Video Games and Internet – social networking
  • Novels and magazines – not good character reading
  • Social activities – shopping, visiting, telephoning, running around
  • Kid’s activities – running from place to place like their chauffer
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Hobbies, Occupations and Recreation
  • Possessions – accumulation, care and maintenance

With all of these you get a full belly and you’re not getting any spiritual nourishment and not desiring any – a man filled with these has no desire to sit still and commune with God in the Bible and in church.

Solution – trim the fat – cut out some stuff – and start filling the void with the righteous things of God.