Isaiah 26:1-21 Israel’s Song in the Millennium

Israel’s Song in the Millennium CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson is about Israel’s Song in the Millennium.

In the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ, Israel will sing this song because they’ll:

Trust in the Lord – v.1-4 – They’ll trust him for:

  • Strength – their city, Jerusalem, will be strong because the LORD Jehovah will be there – the name Jehovah by itself only shows up four times in scripture [Ex 6:3; Ps 83:18; Is 12:2; and here] – it is always in connection with his second coming, which the Exodus from Egypt foreshadows.
  • Salvation – at this time all Israel will be saved – Rom 11:25-26.
  • Honor – v.2 – it will be an honor to have the Lord Jesus Christ in the city – the righteous nations of the world will enter the city to worship the Lord there [Is 60:10-12; Zech 8:21-22].
  • Peace – v.3 – there will be peace in Jerusalem – Ps 128:5-6.

Tread Down the Proud – v.5-6 – They that dwell on high and the lofty city will be laid low – any city that exalts itself will be brought down – consider Mystery Babylon [Rev 18:7] and Sodom [Ezek 16:49] – the Lord will bring them down and the feet of the poor and needy [the persecuted saints in the Millennium] will tread them [like Rom 16:20].

Walk in Uprightness – v.7-9 – things then will be so much better than now – today our world is dominated by unrighteousness – we have to pray to lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty – but then righteousness and peace will prevail – Ps 15:1-2; Ps 85:10-13.

Show Favour to the Wicked – v.10-11 – It’s the nature of the Lord to be kind to them [Lk 6:35] and to be good [Rom 2:4] in order to lead them to repentance – but the wicked in the millennium will not learn righteousness – he’ll deal unjustly and not behold the majesty of the Lord [he’s there Ezek 48:35] – but by the end of the millennium they’ll see and they will be ashamed of their envy against his people – they will be devoured by fire [Rev 20:7-9].

Overcome their Oppressors – Egypt [Pharaoh], Babylon [Nebuchadnezzar], Media/Persia [Darius and Cyrus], Greece [Alexander], Rome [Herod] and the antichrist will have all oppressed Israel – at the end of the Tribulation, God will wipe out Israel’s oppressors and even destroy their memory – they will not rise again [see Is 14:2-3].

Increase their Nation – v.15 – Israel will be increased in fulfillment of Gen 15:5 [see Ezek 36:33-38].

Be born again – v.16-19 – Israel had its first birth in Ex 4:22 and they will have their second birth at the beginning of the millennium in Is 66:7-8 – the bodies of Israel’s dead saints will be resurrected [Ezek 37:1-14].

Conclusion: v.20-21 – They’ll finally sing this song when they make it through the Tribulation.