Young Families

Welcome to the 3BC Young Families ministry!

Families, careers, major decisions and opportunities to serve the Lord are all aspects of the lives of young families that are bolstered by a good Young Family ministry.  At 3BC we are looking for more ways to help our young families grow in their faithfulness to the Lord and in their friendships with each other.  We have a Young Family Sunday school class in which we teach practical Biblical lessons.  We also have some enjoyable fellowships for our young couples and families.  We also have couples retreats from time to time where our young married couples can learn more Biblical ways to have a godly marriage, home and family.

We have another goal in the 3BC Young Family ministry and that is to make disciples who will go out and make more disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ. Herein is my Father  glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. Many of us are involved in the ministry here at Bible Believers Baptist Church. We have a blast together and would enjoy it even more if you were here with us!

Young Family Minister

Bryan Boatman