God is a Divider Gen. 1:4

God is a Divider Gen. 1:4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

God is a divider.

  • Gen 1:4 the light was divided from the darkness
  • Gen 1:7 the waters were divided from the waters with a firmament
  • Gen 1:14, 18 the day was divided from the night by the sun and the moon
  • Gen 10:32 the nations were divided in the earth
  • Ex 26:33 the holy place was divided from the most holy with the veil
  • Lev 11 the unclean meats were divided from the clean
  • Num 26:53 the inheritance was divided among the twelve tribes
  • Deut 32:8 God divided to the nations their inheritance and set the bounds of the people
  • Matt 25:32 the shepherd divides his sheep from his goats
  • 2 Tim 2:15 the word of truth is rightly divided
  • Heb 4:12 the soul and spirit are divided by the word of God

God is a Separator.

  • Gen 11 the languages separated the people under Nimrod at the tower of Babel
  • Gen 12, God separated Abe from his family (Gen 13:9-14)
  • Gen 25:23 Esau and Jacob were separated
  • Gen 49:26 Joseph was separated from his brethren
  • Ex 33:16 the Jews were separated from all the people on the earth (1 Ki 8:53)
  • Lev 12 women are separated for a time after childbirth
  • Lev 22:2 the priests were separated from the holy things
  • Num 6 Nazarites were separated to the Lord
  • Num 8:14 the Levites were separated from the children of Israel
  • Num 19:9 water of separation was used as purification for sin
  • Deut 19:2 the cities of refuge were separated out of the inheritance
  • Ezra 10:11 the Jews were separated from the people of the land and from strange wives
  • Acts 13:2 Barnabas and Paul were separated for the work he called them to
  • Rom 1:1 God separated Paul unto the gospel
  • 2 Cor 6:17Christians are to be separate from the world
  • Lk 6:22 you get separated from the company of men because of Jesus
  • Is 59:2 iniquities separate between you and God

Notice these separations and divisions:

Spoil is divided, the Red Sea was divided, Jordan was divided, the five loaves and two fish were divided (Mk 6:41), spiritual gifts are divided (1 Cor 12:11), and Israel was divided into two kingdoms (contrast Eze 37:22 at the 2nd Advent, but the inheritance will still be divided Eze 47:22)

Belshazzar’s kingdom was divided in two (Media/Persia Dan 5:28) and Alexander’s kingdom was divided into four Dan 11:4

  • You were not to plow with an ass and an ox – Deut 22:9-11
  • You were not to wear divers garments as wool and linen together – Deut 22:11
  • Not sow thy vineyards with divers seeds – Lev 19:19
  • Lepers were quarantined – Num 5:2

Every kingdom, city or house divided against itself cannot stand Matt 12:25 – however, cities and homes get divided over the Lord – Lk 12:51-53 homes become divided (he came to bring division [a sword]) – Acts 14:4 the city was divided between the Jews and the apostles – Acts 23:7 the Pharisees and Sadducees were divided over the resurrection.

God is a divider.  From what, Christian, have you been divided?  Are you so like the world that there is absolutely no distinction between you and the lost?  If you are truly saved and living for God you couldn’t help see the separation between you and the world.